A note from Rosie on “bikini bodies”

The other day, while waiting for the plane to Heathrow to take off, I was doing what most of us do in that situation: scrolling through Instagram. There were lots of summery shots at the pool and the beach, and I noticed #bikinibody on a few photos. As the flight attendant asked passengers to turn off electronics, I put my phone into airplane mode. But I couldn’t get that phrase, “bikini body,” out of my mind. What, exactly, does that mean?

For everyone who has been working hard to reach a personal fitness goal, I applaud you. Genuinely—it’s something to be proud of. But when it comes to a “bikini body,” the notion that continues to ring clear and true within myself, my colleagues, and everyone I’ve met in the beauty industry, is that the confidence to flaunt anything comes from within.

The confidence to flaunt anything comes from within.

I know what you might be thinking: Easy for her to say. I fully acknowledge that discussing this subject might seem a bit rich, coming as it does from someone whose job involves modeling swimsuits. Fair enough. Admittedly, I’m not one to shy away from posting a bikini picture or a lingerie shot to Instagram—because if I’m really feeling myself in those photos, it’s just that simple, and I think every woman should be able to share when she feels great about herself.

Still, those photos only tell part of the story.​ My whole life has been a learning curve when it comes to understanding my relationship with my body. Confidence is a constant work in progress. I don’t think it ever gets all figured out, wrapped up, and filed away in a drawer never to be thought of again because the task is complete. It’s something I have to work at. Something that is evolving, just the way my body is.

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If you’re like me (and I’ve chatted with enough women to know that in this aspect, you likely are) you are constantly bombarded with a societal ideal of perfection. I feel the pressure as well—even more so after having a baby and witnessing my body change. Strangers scrutinize and comment on it, too. If I’m photographed walking to my car after hitting the gym, for instance, the accompanying headline is often about me “showing off my body.”

From my perspective, bodies should be appreciated—not compared, dissected, and ranked. That starts with the internal conversations we have with ourselves. If you dive deep into the #bikinibody hashtag, it’s easy to believe that “everyone” has hairless, poreless skin and a cellulite-free, gravity-defying bum. I’d never shout from my soapbox that those ideals aren’t pretty to look at, but I am here to discredit the smoke and mirrors. We all love to feel beautiful. I’m simply urging us to do that by being the best version of ourselves. You know, the version at home, having a laugh with friends without lighting and filters. Or the version you might get on vacation, when you ask a stranger who doesn’t know your angles to take your photo.

The journey of self-discovery begins with loving yourself.


The journey of self-discovery begins with loving yourself. I feel my best when I am taking care of myself. When I’m eating well. Discovering amazing new products. Feeling myself become stronger with workouts that I enjoy, not suffer through. Doing the best I can to care for my skin, but not stressing about doll-like perfection.

Early on in my career, I received countless tips on terribly unhealthy ways to lose weight to fit a certain cookie-cutter body type. Today, on this bright and sunny day, I’m merely reminding you that being easy on yourself, loving yourself, and doing your best is your ideal summer prep.

My advice for getting a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body. Let’s go.

xx rosie

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  1. Lily

    This is such an important message Thankyou for sharing Rosie xx

  2. Kirsty

    Loved this article. I ran into some nasty comments about me on YouTube, based on a comment I’d made and I’d described myself as curvy, UK 16-18. The names I got called were disgusting, all you can see in my profile picture is my head. It was allegedly a married woman and then someone else got their pennies worth in! If people are really that hateful to someone they don’t know and have never seen or met they must be the unhappiest, nasty, “ugly” person on the planet. I’ve encountered trolls before but nothing like this. I reported them then took screenshots, including their names and posted on Instagram. We need more Rosies in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Nik

    It is so nice to read such posts from people like you. Women are constantly judged for being too this or too that. We all should just do what you said and put a bikini on and go. We are all beautiful in each and every shape.

  4. Agapi

    Wow! I am so glad I got the chance to read this today… honestly I am struggling with accepting & loving my body. And I think many women feel the same unfortunately, due to all the constant picture-perfect instagram bodies we see daily. Your words are truly a reminder that self-love, means more! Self-love is taking care of your soul & body in the best ways possible. Self-love is choosing to stick with activities, people & situations that feel good and make you smile. Self-love is feeling the need to be happy and to work towards achieving it. However life is unexpected and one day you might wake up feeling super confident and positive and the next feeling miserable. So daily reminders like this empowering letter can help put us back on track! I have actually created a Daily Reminders list with my own personal encouraging words to help keep me motivated & positive. After all, who better to help me, from me? Right? I used to think, I needed daily support from others. And I always felt disappointed when I didn’t receive the help I wanted/needed. But I realized that we have to become strong & mature enough to provide support to ourselves. This doesn’t mean neglecting the help from others; it just means choosing to stand strong for ouselves. And that’s honestly empowering. This is what self-love really is. Thank you Rosie for all your incredible work! Know that you are truly an Icon to me for many reasons, one being the love and support you give to your family as well as the dedication to your job & fans.

    Lots of love
    Agapi ♥️

    • Rose Inc.

      LOVE the daily reminders list, Agapi. A brilliant idea. —Team Rose Inc.

  5. isabella

    I really enjoyed reading what you wrote, in fact, I loved that part of your work, a memo from Rosie, about what you think and these things. But that phrase struck me a lot “The journey of self-discovery begins with loving yourself.”. Yes, I think all this is about self-confidence, it’s not as simple as you said it yourself. I do not wear bikinis, I get too embarrassed. I do not know why. But I’ll follow your advice Rosie. I’ll wear one and have a bikini body. You really inspire me in so many ways, I love your job and I really admire what you do. I wish I had the opportunity to talk to you in person. Thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself and about waht you think. THAN YOU xx

  6. TAMAR

    Thanks rosie for the great words! You are my inspiration in so many aspects! I know that roseinc is about beauty, but I would love also to read articles about style, I would love to hear about your style, how it has evolved!

  7. Ali

    I love this – our version of reality is so warped these days thanks to Instagram. It’s important to acknowledge our own accomplishments and not in comparison with anyone else.

  8. Asma

    Wise words from you Rosie ,congratulation i loved This article so much XO

  9. Emily Luttrell-Narigon

    Thank you so much for the piece about #bikinibody. It’s frustrating when seeing those images and knowing you don’t fit that image. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t wear a swimsuit because I don’t have that “bikini body.” Thank you for the message of loving oneself and just put on that bikini. Does that mean I will, no. But, it gives me that confidence that we should appreciate all body types and strive to be healthy both mentally and physically. Thank you!!!

  10. Jessica Lee

    I seriously have been a fan of yours since your very early modeling days. I have followed your career in movies and luckily since you started posting youtube makeup tutorials.

    I have followed your makeup and skincare routines. Why? Because I truly believe you are a beauty ICON and a style TRAILBLAZER. Yes, you will go down in the history books as one of the most classic, timeless beauties in history. You will not just be a gorgeous body and face that we will remember. You have a God-given beauty that is undeniable. You also have an inner radiance that shines through…


    Although I have followed Rosie the trendsetter, Rosie the model or Rosie the actress and mom trending for many years what I am experiencing now (along with many other lucky people) is Rosie the entrepreneur and philanthropist giving back to the community and women, by creating a platform offering advice and invaluable experience. You are making this your business and life’s work. You’re articles are eloquent, impassioned and important.

    Keep up the amazing work, you are rare gem RHW. Thank you for all you do.

    • Rose Inc.

      Thank you for this kind note, Jessica! Much more to come—hope you’ll enjoy… —Team Rose Inc.

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