The Adriana Lima guide to looking gorgeous—fast

Nineties nostalgia is in full swing, and Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima isn’t immune to the charms of that decade’s fashion. “I started on the catwalk back in the ’90s,” she says. “Before, models were more playful; they used to move their hips a little bit more, twirl around the runway, then turn a few times. Now, it’s different—more natural and easygoing. I have to say, I wish the ’90s way of walking would come back.”

With any luck, Lima will get her wish as she sits front row at New York Fashion Week. In between shows, on September 9, she’ll meet visitors to Maybelline House, a pop-up makeup destination in NYC. Here, she lets Rose Inc. in on a few of her best beauty secrets.

"Off duty, I always have mascara on—like, lots of it."

On her 10-minute makeup routine

“Lips and eyes are all you need to accentuate when you don’t have a lot of time. Off duty, I always have mascara on—like, lots of it—and lipstick. I wear Maybelline The Falsies mascara because it elongates your lashes, and I apply a few coats. For lips, I wear Super Stay Matte Ink in Lover. It’s a pink-ish, purple shade. ”

On beauty trends

“I follow what makes me feel good—that’s my trend. From what I see from the runways, it’s really strong eye makeup.”

On glowing skin

“I live in Miami, so I usually have sunblock on my skin. I also drink a lot of water, and then there’s my natural detox, which is working out and sweating a lot—that also gives an extra glow to your skin. I love to use coconut oil at nighttime. The coconut oil that you use to cook? That’s the one I use on my face.”

On her shiny-hair secret

“I use avocado for my hair mask. Every week, if you’re Brazilian, you take any conditioner you like, then take an avocado, mash it, mix it, and put it in your hair for 15 minutes to make it shiny. Really, ask any Brazilian!”

Feature photo: @gatomakeup

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