Are you the next rising star in beauty?

To be a top makeup artist, you have to have it all: skills, technique, creative vision, and the drive to outdo yourself every single day. Although London, Paris, Hollywood, and New York have some of the best-known makeup scenes, talent lives everywhere. And together with Beautycon, we’re setting out to find it.

Introducing our search for the next rising star in beauty—a series of challenges designed to identify the makeup artist we’ll all be talking about in the future. Is it you? Only one way to find out. The first challenge will be announced in a few days… and we can’t wait to see what you create. Watch the video to learn more and find out about the seriously enviable grand prize. Be sure to follow Rose Inc. and Beautycon on Instagram for updates, announcements, challenges, and everything else you’ll need to claim your crown.

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  1. JPal

    It’s awesome that y’all are doing this but based on your first winner, it seems that less known MUAs won’t get a chance to win. You’ve picked someone who already has a large following on IG. It would be great if you considered someone who could really benefit from going to beauty school as opposed to someone who’s already got their foot in the industry.

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Ipal! Thanks for your feedback. We are eagerly reviewing EVERY submission, whether it comes from someone with one follower or 100,000—because we really believe that talent speaks for itself. We hope you’ll consider joining the challenge if you haven’t already, and stay tuned for the next winner! —Team Rose Inc.

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