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Allow me to introduce you to Rose Inc.

I’ve been excitedly awaiting a space to share with you and to tell you how I’ve been intrigued by beauty my entire life. As a girl, I was fascinated watching my mother apply makeup before a night out. Seeing her transform was special to me—I found it so feminine, so personal. Before long, I was saving up my pocket money to buy a sticky roll-on lip gloss or glittery blue eyeshadow at the local pharmacy. I know this feeling is nearly universal. This is my evolution of it.

"The makeup artists, the designers, the skin experts, and the hairstylists—they’ve all been my teachers, and I've been taking notes."

I always dreamt of working in fashion, but I never could have imagined the career that I’ve had. It’s given me the incredible opportunity to work with the best beauty talent in the biz. While being in the makeup hotseat is part of my job, I never tire of the glitz and the glam—and what’s behind the process. It’s a constant evolution, and everyone who I work with is an absolute artist in their own right, inspiring that personal excitement I recall while watching my mum get ready.

The ingenuity behind it all, the constantly evolving looks and products, and the connection that happens even before the first photograph takes place is like a high for me. The makeup artists, the designers, the skin experts, and the hairstylists—they’ve all been my teachers, and I’ve been taking notes. I’ve racked up quite the degree for a girl who grew up on a farm in England.

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This major facet of my whole career has led me to this apex: the launch of Rose Inc. Because the way you feel about beauty isn’t about the face that gets the red carpet treatment. It’s about the process, the trade secrets, the magic of being in control of the outcome and being proud to be in your own skin.

This outlet is my way of sharing everything that I’ve gleaned over the years. Timeless makeup tricks that instantly make you feel like your best self. Products and regimens that can get you glowing, and stat. Ways to turn a bad hair day into a great ponytail day, or what to do when dinner with friends calls for the perfect glam look. And, of course, a glimpse into some of my friends’ makeup bags. Babes, it’s all here.

I hope you won’t think of this website as a rule book, but as your best girlfriend’s notebook. The one always tucked under my arm, dog-eared and personal. Annotated and analog. Honest and full of every thought, every experience, and every idea I’ve ever loved. And I want you to read it.


Makeup by Katie Jane Hughes. Hair by Christian Wood. Styled with FWRD. Photographs by Kai Z. Feng.

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  1. Hazel

    This is so great to have you to share your views toward fashion and makeup with us!<3

  2. Nina

    Im crazy about your site Rosie ! XX Im your first fan Love

  3. Jordy Sirkin

    Rosie, so proud to see you join the blogging community. I’ve so admired your work and style and I cannot wait to learn from you. Congratulations on your launch!

  4. Anita

    Thank you Rosie for creating a space for sharing! I’m looking forward to following along and can’t wait to see what’s coming up for Rose Inc. Xx

  5. Nancy Cullen

    Can’t wait! I think you have the best style of anyone! Looking forward & congrats

  6. Tamara Brown

    Omg rosie I’m sooooooooo excited for this website i love it. You are my fave model. Truly you are whatever cover mag you are on i BUY it i love you and big congrats

  7. Alicia Careva

    Rosie, I’m in love with this site already. I’ve been a fan of yours for almost 8 years now, and I’m so looking forward to what’s to come and learn from you! Congratulation on the launch. xx

  8. Lisa Fox

    So excited! I have been a fan for a long time and getting to share your excitement and knowledge of all things beauty is a dream come true!

  9. Chanel

    You’re the best ♥️ Can not wait to try out absolutely everything!

  10. Cece Loo

    Hi Rosie,
    I’ve always been a fan of your make-up routine and you, yourself, of course. :]
    Thank you for this opening up this amazing space for us to learn from you, Rosie.

    Looking forward to this new site! Much excites.


  11. Yosr

    This is great
    I’ve been waiting for the launch for a while now
    And i’m very exited it’s finally here
    Congrats rosie
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  12. Adira

    Hi Rosie! I’ve been a fan of you since ever. And i’m ever so fascinated with your looks, style, and makeup. I thank God, you created this platform to share and show whats unseen in the public eye. Tips and tricks on how it is to be beautiful with enhancing rather than masking your features.

    I wish you best of luck on this project, Rosie!

    Warm regards,
    A fan from Indonesia

    • Rose Inc.

      Adira, thank you so much for the warm words. They really mean a lot and we are grateful for your support and encouragement! —Team Rose Inc.

  13. Nadine

    This website is so chic, sophisticated, & beautiful. Much like you, Rosie!

  14. Aisha

    This is fantastic !!
    I’m your number 1 fan.
    I met with you UGG event in Japan.
    I support it, all the way.
    I love elegant Rosie !!

  15. Elizabeth

    Loving this website and cannot wait for all the exciting content! Xx

  16. Mary Esparza

    Congratulations Rose. Your awesome. Wish you all the best in this endeavor, GOD BLESS…

  17. Natalia Gonzales

    When are we going to get the tutorial for this look tho??? It’s what captivated and brought me here it’d be lovely if we could know how to get this look, it’s just simply gorgeous!!!

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Natalia! We will have the full beauty breakdown soon… just selecting a few more photos so you can see more of the hair and makeup. Hold tight, we’re on the case. —Team Rose Inc.

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