PSA: The skin on your hands is skin, too

If you wear rings, paint your nails, or otherwise do anything with your hands, a hero hand cream should be part of your daily regimen. The best ones moisturize and soften, yes—but they’re also beautiful enough to make application a pleasure, not a chore. Here, our guide to hand creams that excel at both.

If your goal is to have smooth hands à la Gelcream, This Works Energy Bank Hand Makeover is the one to try. It’s rich in shea butter and blackcurrant oil to moisturize, but it also blurs the appearance of lines and veins. Or if sun spots are starting to appear, try a cream with retinol, which will reveal newer, fresher skin over time. Two good options are Chantecaille Retinol Hand Cream With Rose and Eve Lom Time Retreat Hand Treatment; be sure to apply sunscreen (and consider driving gloves) during the day to protect your rejuvenated skin.

Of course, sometimes you want a hand cream that smells like a fine fragrance. The solution, then, is to actually wear fine fragrance. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Hand Cream is as citrusy and crisp as the scent of the same name, while the unobtrusive Byredo Mojave Ghost Hand Cream makes a dreamy statement.

Seriously dry skin will drink up the lanolin and coconut oil in Lano Coconutter Hand Cream Intense, while Kiehl’s Richly Hydrating Hand Cream is the Goldilocks of the bunch: not overwhelmingly scented, rich but not heavy, and all-around just right. Finally, Bastide Fleurs d’Oranger is a beautiful addition to one’s bedside table; smooth it on before turning off the light, and with any luck, the orange-blossom scent may enchant your dreams. No matter which one you choose, give yourself a round of applause for elevating this everyday staple. —Annie Tomlin

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