How to keep your blond blond this summer

In the popular imagination, summer is almost synonymous with blond hair. Makes sense, since the sun naturally brightens strands…and if it doesn’t get your hair quite as light as you want, well, that’s what salons are for.

On that note: When it comes to going blond, less is more, says Tabitha Dueñas, a master colorist at Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, California. That means getting more partial, face-framing highlights (as opposed to full) and refraining from coloring every square inch of your hair. “Let your natural color play a part and give you dimension,” she advises.

Once you’ve achieved your dream blond, you’ll need to take care of it—especially during the hotter months, when the elements conspire to make light hair brassy or even green (thanks a lot, chlorine in pools). With a little attention, though, your color will stay true, whether that’s golden, icy, or somewhere in between. Here, a few useful tools that can improve any blonde’s regimen.

Color photograph: Aleksandra Kovac. Black and white photograph: Yoann Boyer.

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  1. isabella

    I love olaplex. It is amazing. xx Love this photography. 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Hello! Would LOVE to know who colors Rosies hair! Always so glamorous! I’m also curious if I should still be filling in my eyebrows, is this a thing of the past? What are the celebs doing these days with the brow game? 🙂

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