How Camila Coelho steps off the plane looking amazing

Camila Coelho spends a lot of time flying from one place to the next. Take a quick glance at her Instagram or YouTube, and you’ll see this jet-setter picking up passport stamps in Cannes, Cartagena, and everywhere in between. And while traveling offers plenty of rewards, sitting on a plane can leave skin parched—and jet lag doesn’t help, either. Fortunately, during a brief stop in Los Angeles, Camila had time to show RHW the contents of her in-flight makeup bag. Steal a few of her ideas and you, too, will step off your next flight looking better than when you boarded.

Filmed by Alyn Horton and edited by Chin-Chin Hao

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  1. isabella

    Camila is very beautiful. Funny, I remember her when she started out as youtuber posting videos about makeup. And look how she became talented and independent. Which was just after I fell in love with Rosie on April 22, 2011. Love this!!

  2. Thao H

    Can you please give a tutorial on this make up look on Rosie? She looks amazing!!

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