Makeup artist Carola Gonzalez reveals how to look naturally gorgeous

Take one look at makeup artist Carola Gonzalez and you’ll be asking what her secret is. “It sounds cliché, but it’s true,” she says. “If you feel good on the inside, it will transcend to the outside.” She doesn’t just mean drink water, work out, and have a tight skin care regimen—though that’s part of it. Gonzalez insists that surrounding yourself with good people and loving relationships is the key to inner radiance. She just so happens to amplify outer radiance via her signature, natural-looking makeup.

She’s known for her luminous work on Kerry Washington and Hailey Baldwin (just to name a few), and it’s evident that powerful personalities inspire some of her best work. While one can become pigeonholed into doing certain looks they’ve been known for over and over again, Gonzalez makes it blaringly clear she has range with grooming clients like Milo Ventimiglia and Michael B. Jordan.

While this makeup artist’s bag of brilliance is full of natural tones and blushing elements to enhance one’s inner/outer glow, some of the products themselves shine bright all on their own, like Peter Thomas Roth’s 24k Gold Eye Patches. Other mainstays of her kit include Picky full lashes, a SUQQU eyelash curler, and Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Noir. Keep reading to see what keeps her makeup kit in perfect order.

Carolaspill Interior
Carola Gonzalez Q&a


Carola Polaroid

Still life photographs by Amelia Howden. Polaroid image courtesy of Carola Gonzalez.

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