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  • What it is: Ever wish you could achieve a deep, daily clean without plundering your skin of its natural, protective oils? It feels counterproductive to overspend on a viking of a cleanser just to pillage what mother nature gave ya, and then do your best to replace said moisture with an expensive emollient. Enter one of Rosie's drugstore favorites, Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser, to save the day. It may seem strange that it lacks a sudsy lather, a tingling sensation, or even that acquired expectation of burning, but this tender agent is a master of its task. Trust its soothing texture and humble packaging. Trust us. But maybe most importantly, trust every dermatologist ever on this one.
  • Why we like it: Most cleansers contain harsh chemicals that are super-drying. This one is soap-free and moisturizes without leaving a filmy residue, making it perfect for all skin types including sensitive Sallys.
  • Rose Inc. tip: You can rinse it off with water, but some people prefer to tissue it off. Either way works.
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