Kiss softly and carry this lipstick




Rouge Allure Liquid Powder






Pout Painter

  • What it is: Matte lip lovers are in store for a treat with this lip color. It’s a cream… that sponges on… from a squeezy tube… and finishes matte. If you’re not intrigued by the sheer novelty of all these factors, then we just don’t know how to play with you.

    But we also have to preach from our sensory-overloaded soapbox that the powder-like, second-skin texture surpasses novelty and reaches major goals. It looks like a lip gloss at first, but the color glides on velvety, never sticky, and when the shine disappears, the pigment is powerful. The matte finish gives an editorial blurring effect for a touch of that just-made-out-in-my-lipstick vibe, with a pinch of Marie Antoinette-ate-a-popsicle.

  • Why we like it: You can make this look as playful or precise as you wish. We often go without mirror and wing it for casual color that can easily build from light to intense.
  • Rose Inc. tip: Start at the center of your lips and apply out to the corners for that natural and pretty, carefree blurred effect.

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