This is the BB crème of the crop


BB Crème au Ginseng








Multipurpose Mattifier

  • What it does: It’s a primer! It’s a brightener! It’s a foundation! No, it’s Erborian BB Crème! This super-light formula provides lasting, velvety coverage with a powerful blurring effect that still looks natural. It’s enriched with ginseng, and not just any off-the-shelf herbal tincture. The angel-geniuses at Erborian are downright botanical snobs when it comes to their product—they let their ginseng fully mature for up to six years so the root absorbs optimum nutrient content to pass on to you. This anti-aging ingredient multitasks by fighting dark circles while you cover them with this flawless finish cream. The poreless, matte effect moisturizes without leaving you greasy, so your highlighter isn’t competing with unwanted shine. Ah, but we’re not done. It’s broad-spectrum SPF 20, and comes in one slender, easily dispensable tube. The only room for improvement: more shades, please, especially for people with dark skin.
  • Why we like it: With total control of how much coverage you want, this buildable cream is a perfect match for your favorite no-makeup makeup looks.
  • Rose Inc. tip: Use it as a primer for full-on glam coverage days to give you a matte and sun-protected canvas.
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  1. H

    I bought this because of Rosies Vogue video, and honestly it IS amazing. I can find BB creams, tinyed moisturizers and cc creams look weird as hell on my skin, not blending or ”soaking in” propert, but this one is just so CREAMY!! I would love to see a post on teeth whitening, my teeth have progressively gotten darker (and yellower!!!) over the past year, with age and coffee, and I need HELP!!!

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi! Thank you for the comment. SO happy to hear you’re also a fan of this BB cream! Great idea re: teeth whitening. We’ll add this to our list of topics to cover. Thank you for reading. —Team Rose Inc.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi! I absolutely adore this blog, and I honestly think you’re doing such a great job, BUT, and I know this is going to sound weird and semi-stalkerish, I would love to see some more ”Rosie-centric” posts. Like, what does SHE actually use in her everyday makeup bag, what curling iron does she actually use, etc, etc! I don’t want you to stop what you’re doing, because I love how original you are in your content, bringing in up-and-coming people and brands, which I find so incredibly refreshing instead of the same old you see on all the other sites (you’ve so turned me on to the brand Kosås that I had no idea existed before!), BUT maybe a ”Rosie-centric” post here and there? I think for a lot of us, we trust her judgment, you know? I know that sounds insane, haha, but for me it’s like ”If Rosie likes that deodorant, then I know that it must be good”. You’re doing a great job of not making it ”all about her”, because I understand she doesn’t want to launch a company solely based on HER, but maybe a few posts here and there where the focus is on what she uses/likes, etc, I know we all would love it! xx

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