For RHW, August is all about the glow

From the laptop of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

And just like that, it’s August. With hot days and steamy nights ahead of us, it’s a perfect time to make this summer count. To shed clothes and inhibitions—sometimes at the same time! And above all, to let yourself glow. This month on Rose Inc., we’re looking at all the ways to do that, from showcasing the latest must-have products to featuring amazing women who make the world a more beautiful place. Here’s a peek at what’s coming up.

Nam Vo Dewy Dumpling

I’m willing to wager that nobody loves glowy makeup more than I do—except, perhaps, highlighter queen Nam Vo. If you haven’t yet seen her signature “dewy dumpling” look on Instagram, trust me: You’ll be as obsessed as I am. Nam is a master of layering different textures and levels of luminosity to create an incredible glow like no other. As we filmed a tutorial together, I learnt so many smart little makeup tricks from her, and I bet you’ll also pick up a few new ideas from our upcoming video.

It’s a perfect time to make this summer count.

Nicole At Home

Speaking of women who glow, I also spoke to one of the most radiant souls I know, Nicole Trunfio. This earth mother, supermodel, and jewelry designer has a warm word for everyone and a generous heart. Whether she’s breastfeeding on the cover of a fashion magazine or relaxing with her family, she embodies confidence and kindness. When you read our Go-See with her, I think you’ll discover what a genuinely beautiful woman she is—inside and out.

Part of the reason I started Rose Inc. is to share my latest discoveries with you. So if you’re not already familiar with her, I’d like to introduce you to Nikki DeRoest, a makeup artist I’ve just met. She did my makeup recently (see the top picture!) and I absolutely loved it. Defined, radiant, glowy… pretty much everything a girl could ask for. So naturally, I wanted to know exactly which products she relies on. You’ll find them all in The Spill later this month, and yes, I’ve already gone on a mini shopping spree thanks to Nikki.

Of course, there’s so much more to come. More than anything, I hope that this month, Rose Inc. will inspire you to really own your glow…whether that’s through strategically placed shimmer or embracing what’s uniquely gorgeous about you.

There are 51 days left of summer. Go out there and shine for each and every one.


xx rosie

Nicole Trunfio photograph: Trevor King. 

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  1. Amy Lawrence McMullen

    I love all the natural looks you’ve been highlighting these past few weeks.

    • Rose Inc.

      Thanks, Amy! Let us know what you think about tomorrow’s story… the hair and makeup are decidedly more glamorous! —Team Rose Inc.

  2. Thao H.

    Love this so much and can’t wait to see what is in store for August. Please post more videos. I can’t get them enough!

  3. FROST

    You are such an inspiration Rosie! Please keep on sharing!!! Love you!!!

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