Hair secrets of fashion’s go-to stylist

Not many hairstylists have the soul of a punk, the creativity of an artist, and a portfolio overflowing with clips from Vogue Paris, W, I-D, Love, and pretty much every other fashion magazine that matters. James Pecis, however, does.

Born in Northern California and trained in London and New York, he brings an unfussy, never-too-“done” sensibility to his runway and editorial work. He’s equally adept at creating dreamy and complex coifs as he is at doing deceptively simple styles, which is why he’s now one of the world’s most in-demand session stylists and the global ambassador for Oribe. Here, he shares a look into his kit, reveals his current inspiration, and makes a convincing case for ditching plastic bottles.

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I’m known for

playing with hair.

Right now I’m inspired by

Contrasting materials and fabrics. Prints, color, and combinations that compete with each other and feel chaotic. 

The most surprising thing in my kit: 

Most of my kit is a big surprise.

My favorite hair tools are

Oribe products—Swept Up Volume Powder Spray, Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray, Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax—my Dyson blow dryer, Mason Pearson, and my hands.

Everyone should try

To be kind to one another. 

My favorite thing about hair:

It is never the same. 

James Pecis Favorite Tools

The best career advice I ever received is

Above water, be a swan—but below water, paddle like mad.

My hair philosophy is

Hair grows back.

Three words I’d use to describe myself

focused, passionate, dorky.

The podcast or album I’m listening to now:

Podship Earth.

"Hair grows back."


My favorite hair moment

When you finish doing someone’s hair and you can see that you have made them feel special and confident. That is the best hair moment.

You’ll never see me

Use a single-use plastic bottle. 

If I could have only one product, it would be


I love working with

My hands and positive people.

My big break

…happened to my wrist (twice!) skateboarding. 

The era that inspires me most

I get excited about the ever-changing moment happening now. Taking pieces and ideas from history and making them modern and relevant today.

To make it in this business, you need

determination, passion, and kindness.

The biggest challenge of my career

The biggest challenge is the amount of waste from photo shoots and fashion shows. Some people and brands are making big changes in the industry and we can join them to create lasting improvements. With more people on board and changing our small habits, we can create something new with longevity.  

You should follow _______ on Instagram.

@natgeo and @lifewithoutplastic

My favorite quote

“When there is no wind, row!”


Photos courtesy of James Pecis

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