What’s in Katie Jane Hughes’s makeup kit?

Kjh Interior

Some makeup artists thrive at fashion week. Others hit their stride on photo shoots. Still more work their magic in front of a phone camera. And then there’s Katie Jane Hughes, who expertly navigates these varied areas of the makeup universe… and generously shares all of it in her engaging Instagram stories. (Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted your skin to look dewy, not greasy, she’s the woman to know.)

In fact, Instagram is where KJH’s creativity first caught Rosie’s eye. A few DMs down the line, and now she’s one of RHW’s go-tos for glam—they’ve done red carpets, magazine covers, and Rose Inc’s inaugural shoot. Here, Katie shares her latest inspiration, can’t-live-without beauty products, and the items she thinks everyone should have in their kit.

Katiejanehughes Q&a

Kjh Polaroid

Still life photographs by Amelia Howden. Katie Jane Hughes image: Emanuele D’Angelo.

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  1. sss

    KJH is the sweetest person ever! she always reply on DMs and as well teaches her followers many tricks. I still haven’t found a makeup artist that does this

  2. Jasmine

    Please can you transcribe the image? For people with visual impairments or learning difficulties who use screen readers they can’t see what that says. Thanks!

    • Rose Inc.

      Hey Jasmine, that’s a great idea. We’ll see what we can do in the future. However, for now, drop us a line at editors @ roseinc.com and we’ll send you a plain text version. —Team Rose Inc.

  3. Sofía

    She’s so so amazing. One of my favorite make up artist to follow on Instagram. Everything she does is inspiring and legit art.

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