Is this body treatment the secret to sexier skin?


Coconut Melt








Comprehensive Caretaker

  • Superpower: Melts off makeup and locks in moisture—anywhere you need it.
  • What it does: There's the coconut oil that you pick up at Trader Joe's for stir-fries. And then, there's this: an organic, unrefined, pure-as-pure-can-be solid oil with an incredibly smooth finish. It melts into skin quickly and easily (no need to furiously rub it into the delicate skin around your eyes). It erases the toughest eye makeup, smooths cuticles, glosses up dull hair, and softens even the driest skin. Challenge accepted, waterproof mascara.
  • Why we like it: Texture, texture, texture. Who knew coconut oil could feel this silky and opulent?
  • Rose Inc. tip: Drop a dollop into a tub of warm water, add a splash of your favorite (skin-safe) essential oil, and you've got the makings of a magnificent bath.
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  1. nicole

    Hey, Do you recommend this as a moisturiser too, and the rest of the Kopari Body Care range ? Nicole

    • Rose Inc.

      Hey Nicole! Collectively, we are big big fans of Kopari body care. The scent (not too strong, just right!) transports us to a tropical island even when we’re stuck waiting in line at the grocery store. If you want to use any type of coconut oil on your face, you definitely can, and it’s especially good for dry skin. —Team Rose Inc.

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