This blemish treatment is legendary for a reason


Drying Lotion


Mario Badescu






On-the-Spot Savior

  • Superpower: Restores clear skin faster than you can say 'Out, damn spot.'
  • What it does: Millennial pink is so hot right now, but Mario Badescu’s famed drying lotion has had a cult following for decades. And for good reason: This rose-tinted formula nixes blemishes by calming and drying them overnight. Dab it directly onto the tiny surface area that is your seemingly-enormous problem, and slip into your beauty sleep. When you rise, there’ll hardly remain a red mark by which to remember it by. As for the pink spot, it'll be mostly gone, just like your skin problems. Dare you become a morning person?
  • Why we like it: Think of the ingredients as textbook first-string defenders. Soothing calamine and zinc lie in wait under a wash of pore-declogging salicylic acid and oil-zapping alcohol. Also, let's be honest: It’s fun to take polka-dotted selfies.
  • Rose Inc. tip: Don’t shake it up! Let the pink stuff settle. It’s the fairy dust waiting to deploy for the task. Let it rest into a pink mineral repose before dipping in your Q-tip and applying this mini mask to your great offender.
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  1. Kamilah Baxter

    This drying lotion is my all time favorite!!💕

  2. Lydia

    I’ve used this for a couple years now and i love it! Great to know its worth it

    • Rose Inc.

      We always like to have a backup on hand… just in case. 😉 —Team Rose Inc.

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