Jen Atkin’s new hair spray is a big deal—literally


Volumizing Hair Spray








Body Builder

  • What it does: You know how some hair sprays can leave your strands feeling crunchy and weighed-down? This one does exactly the opposite—and happens to have a sophisticated rose-meets-cedar fragrance, too. Star stylist Jen Atkin designed this lightweight volumizing formula to provide lasting hold and big-time body without feeling sticky or stiff. Spray it at your roots to rev up flat strands, or use it mid-length for seriously big (and undeniably gorgeous) hair.
  • Why we like it: This is our secret shortcut for transforming a bad hair day into one where you can't stop sneaking selfies. Just spray, tousle, and smile coyly as people demand to know which master hairstylist did your blowout.
  • Rose Inc. tip: It's not just for roots! Spray a little into the base of a sagging ponytail to make it look fuller.
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