Watch Patrick Ta give RHW his Insta-famous lip look

Rosie Pink Lipstick Patrick Ta

If you know anything about beauty Instagram, you definitely know Patrick Ta. Nearly one million people follow him to get a glimpse of his latest red-carpet look (and, let’s be real, the chance to see his gorgeous clients like Shay Mitchell and Gigi Hadid). He’s a master of the statement lip, he makes eyes smolder like you wouldn’t believe, and nobody leaves his makeup chair without sporting his signature glow.

So when RHW spotted one of his most-liked pictures on Instagram—softly bronzed skin with a matte magenta lip—she had to get the lowdown on how to recreate it. And now you can, too.

Products used:

La Mer The Renewal Oil, La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation, Dior Nude Air Luminizer, Maybelline Total Temptation Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette, Nars Precision Lip Liner in Sainte-Maxime, Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in It’s Happening.

Hair by Christian Wood. Video: Chin-Chin Hao. RHW photograph: Azusa Takano. Feature photograph: Instagram/@patrickta.

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  1. Noshin Sharmily

    Rosie is the only person who looks good in a fuchsia lipstick

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Noshin! Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts. We hear you, but we’re making the case for fuchsia… for everyone! We swear, it’s easier to wear than you might think. (Seriously—it’s one of those things that can instantly make a girl feel put-together in just a few seconds.) If you ever want to try it, but aren’t ready to go full-on FUCHSIA, you could always try using your index finger to dab a bright color onto your lips. That way, you get the pretty hue without all of the intensity. And hey, if it doesn’t suit you after all, there’s always makeup remover, right? —Team Rose Inc.

  2. Peggy

    Always love Rosie!!! Where can I get Rosie’s own brand makeup ?

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Peggy! Thanks for the nice comment. You can find Rosie for Autograph at Marks and Spencer. It’s not available in the United States, but it is available in the United Kingdom. Hope this helps! —Team Rose Inc.

  3. Cathy Kim

    Love this video!! Thank you for such amazing content. Hungry for more.

  4. Toni

    What shade and brand is your lipstick in the video please

  5. Mary Hovhannisyan

    Love this so much! Amazing content so far) I really hope there will be hair styling tutorials as well, especially Rosie’s iconic waves.

    • Rose Inc.

      Thanks, Mary! We do have some gorgeous hair tutorials on the way. They will be rolling out in June and beyond. —Team Rose Inc.

    • Rose Inc.

      Well, now we’re blushing, Antoinette! Thank you. Let us know what else you want to see. —Team Rose Inc.

  6. SolinBella

    👋 hi Rosie,i am your fans,and your Make-up is so amazing!

  7. Abbie

    Wearing a bright lip is one of my favourite make up looks. I’m definitely going to have to try out the fuchsia! The Rosie pallette is also my current go to. Love it !

  8. Brittany

    Absolutely loving the content on this website and can’t wait to wear this Beautiful fuschia lip combo all summer! Sending love from Atlanta !

    xx brittany

    • Rose Inc.

      This is *definitely* a summer lip. Glad to have a reader in ATL, a beautiful city this time of year! (Missing that 8Arm coffee…) Thanks for reading! —Team Rose Inc.

  9. Sanjana

    I’m so excited for this website by Rosie! Waiting for more stuff. Thank you Rosie! 🙂

  10. Lynn

    I wonder if the lip color woukd be good with Olive skin color.

  11. Lily

    What a gorgeous video and website looking forward to see everything to come ! Xx

  12. Emily

    For shade-matching reference, what shade in the La Mer foundation is Rosie wearing? Love from Minneapolis!

    P.s. daytime / nighttime skincare routine from Rosie please 🙂

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Emily! We have an email out to Patrick for you. Hold tight and we’ll share as soon as we can. Next week, we’ll have some good skincare stuff from RHW and a true complexion GENIUS. —Team Rose Inc.

  13. Lily

    Please collaborate with violette you guys would make such an amazing video! X

  14. Meagan Cleary

    Aaaaand now I’m subscribing. Beautiful site and great content, can’t wait to explore more! xx

  15. Danielle

    First off I want to say reading the comments I am so happy to see the team Rose Inc responses are very real and personal 😁. Secondly this video makes me wangbto get out my fushia lipsticks for dinner tonight. I am going to try gge lining tip of staying more inside since bold lips can make my big lips look a little wonky. Anyway lovd the content so far 😘

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Danielle! Thanks for reading and commenting. *Thrilled* to hear you’re inspired to wear fuchsia tonight. And our money is on your big lips looking gorgeous, not wonky. 😉 Have fun and keep letting us know what you want to see. —Team Rose Inc.

  16. Sam

    Hi Rosie
    What’s your best tip on reducing darkness under the eyes
    All the concealers I seem to use just aren’t covering up the way I need it too. Wha skin care routines can help this also ?
    Thanks I’m loving this website.
    I became a Mum almost two years ago and before then make up I didn’t have time for cos I was working all the time. Since being a mum I have had more time as I’m not working at the moment and I found your products online. They are the best. The cream blush is my favourite.
    Anyways can you please help with my dark eyes ?

  17. Jamie

    I love this tutorial! Could you re-create the cover look for Rose Inc, the one with the rosy cheeks and nude eyes and lips? It’s such a chic look and would love to know how to do re -create it on myself.
    Thank you so much! x

    • Rose Inc.

      Absolutely, Jamie! We’re on the case. —Team Rose Inc.

  18. Jamie

    Love this look! Please could you re-create the Rose Inc debut looks, the one with the rosy pink cheeks and the nudey pinky lip? It’s such a chic look and I’d love to know how to re-create it on myself!
    Thank you xx

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Jamie! Absolutely. We will have full hair and makeup breakdowns for you very soon! —Team Rose Inc.

  19. Mella

    I love how friendly, polite and positive RHW is. I admire her for that so much! Great website. Thank you!

  20. Clair

    Now all I need is you to just package that up for me to buy all in one hit! X

  21. Nicola

    Hi all, loving the website, I’ve just ordered the too faced lip colour, I might even brave sending you a pic! I’m 51 but still love a bright lip, and still have very long hair, (beauty rules are meant to be broken)! xx

  22. isabella

    I loved that lipstick colour, though, I do not know, but I’ll try to recreate what he did in Rosie’s skin, that velvety skin tone looks so natural. It fell so well on Rosie and it made her hair stand out even more. I think it’s a makeup that can be used day-to-day and to go out at night.

  23. Nadia

    This tutorial has me convinced, I am definitely buying this lip colour!!! Beautiful look Rosie, great work Patrick, flawless as always.

    • Rose Inc.

      Nadia, if you do… we want to see pictures! You can email us at editors (at)… and we hope you will! —Team Rose Inc.

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