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Happy New Year!

While planning this month’s stories, a lot of questions crossed my mind. For instance, how do Icelandic women protect their skin from some of the harshest winters on the planet? What products does makeup artist Naoko Scintu use to create a stained lip look? And can somebody please give Aimee Song a Netflix comedy special already? She had our whole team nearly crying with laughter during a video shoot.

Tylynn N

All shall be revealed in our upcoming features, but for now, I’ll share a favourite moment from my Q&A with lingerie designer TyLynn Nguyen. When I asked her how she defines “sexy,” she paused for a moment. Her answer didn’t involve lace or silk, but something deeper: “Knowing that I’m good and whole as I am—that’s what makes me feel sexy.”


When you’re comfortable in your own skin, you’re pretty much unstoppable—whether in your career, your relationships, or anything else. Being confident doesn’t require you to be perfect. It doesn’t mean you have to be the prettiest or smartest person in the room. It just means that you have to take a good look at yourself and choose to like who you see. Simple in theory, harder in practice… but the rewards are fully worth the effort.

As we move ahead into 2019, I hope you’ll join me in making confidence, not perfection, the end goal. So go ahead, accept random compliments. Speak your mind. Laugh more. Believe in your biggest, wildest ideas. And don’t be surprised when this turns out to be your best year yet.Rhw

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