The solution to dull hair is in this bottle


Intensive Hair Oil








Shine Shifter

  • What it does: Shampoo, blow-dry, heat, repeat. Face it, your hair could use a little therapy to cope with all of its daily drama. What if self-help just happened to smell really, really good while repairing stressed strands? This lightweight repair elixir has a few recognizable players on its botanical team (we see you, argan oil) but also few more exotic nutritives (sea buckthorn, rosemary) to take your mane back to a happy, healthy place. The first step is acceptance. Consider this an intervention.
  • Why we like it: This Swedish multitasker is actually multiple products in one: a pre-styling heat protector, a leave-in treatment, shine creator, and split-end sealer. Not too shabby for one little bottle.
  • Rose Inc. tip: For a decadent, spa-like experience, massage a few drops into your scalp before shampooing in the shower. Glorious.

    Photos by Amelia Howden.
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  1. Catherine

    Hey! Love the blog and a big fan of yours! Something I’ve noticed is that generally the “holy grail” products you talk about tend to be a bit pricey for the average consumer. For example, this product is costing 1$/ml. Is there a chance you’ll talk about any affordable products or even home-made stuff like masks?


    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Catherine! Thank you for the feedback. For our Hero Product series, we like to highlight the beauty finds that really ARE worth the investment—whether they’re $8 or $80. Rest assured, we have some Hero Products coming up that skew on the lower end of that range. Masks are a great idea; we’ll put that on our agenda for our next planning discussion. Thanks again! —Team Rose Inc.

  2. isabella

    I love your blog. I love it when you show hair products. I already want to see more products and with affordable prices. There are so many different products that you show. Most I’ve never seen, but it’s good to know. I like being told how to take care of my hair, my skin. I like how you work, besides showing care. You show how to make makeup and combing. All this is very useful to me. Appearance says a lot about people. But it’s so simple the way you explain. (sorry for so many comments.)

    • Rose Inc.

      Isabella, we love your comments! Thank you for reading. —Team Rose Inc.

  3. Kirsty

    This is sooo tempting, I’m such a hair junkie, mum was a hairdresser!! Off to see it’s cruelty free. That’s all I ask for, all these companies that are still testing on animals or worse gave up cruelty free status, yes you nars! They should be ashamed of themselves, no need for animal testing cosmetics, cleaning products etc, there’s so many other ways to test! 🐇🐇🐀🐀🐁🐁🐕🐕

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Kirsty! Yes, this product is cruelty-free! —Team Rose Inc.

  4. Laura

    I bought thid the other day thanks to you! My hair was color damaged and now feels so soft! Love it, thank you.

    • Rose Inc.

      So glad to hear this worked for you! Thanks for letting us know. May your hair be at its softest, shiniest, and best! —Team Rose Inc.

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