This night serum does it all. (Seriously.)


Texture Reform Gentle Resurfacing Serum


Shani Darden






Complexion genie in a bottle

  • What it does: Give this gentle but powerful night serum a month, and it'll give you a complexion so bright, clear, and smooth that you'll delete Facetune. Superstar esthetician Shani Darden developed this does-it-all formula to deliver the benefits of retinol (fewer blemishes, minimized pore size, reduced fine lines… you get the picture) without the angry, red skin that often comes with it. FYI, Rosie keeps it in regular rotation to maintain her complexion between sessions with Shani.
  • Why we like it: Not all retinols are created equal. This one is specifically formulated to be effective without making sensitive skin have a blotchy, flaky meltdown. It also has lactic acid to aid in revealing newer skin, plus aloe to calm and soothe. So as you incorporate it into your regimen, you'll see improvement week after week—minus the awkward adjustment phase common to so many other retinols.
  • Rose Inc. tip: We know you want your best skin now, now, NOW. But start slowly—every other night, or even every third night should do the trick. (Even a kinder, gentler retinol is better when you ease into it.) And don't even think of walking outdoors without wearing SPF 30! All of that fresh, new, baby-soft skin needs extra protection to make sure you keep getting carded.
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  1. Anna Gorbacheva

    I have a question about sun exposure after starting using this serum. Does it make skin more sensitive to the sun even when it has sunscreen on? Or is it more sensitive only when you don’t have sunscreen?
    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards,
    Anna G.
    Los angeles, CA

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Anna! Smart question. One of the wonderful things about retinol is that it stimulates the production of new skin cells. So when you use a serum—this one or any other—with retinol, you’ll get that bouncy, glowing skin…because you’re actually seeing fresher, newer skin than before. That will continue as long as you use the serum. And all of that fresh, new skin is more photosensitive. It can burn more easily, but it is also more susceptible to the UVA rays that cause long-term damage. That’s why it’s so important to wear sunscreen (SPF 30, at minimum!) even if you’re spending the day mostly indoors. If you’re religious about wearing sunscreen, you shouldn’t have any problems using retinol. Just remember to reapply throughout the day to give your skin the protection it needs. —Team Rose Inc.

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