What’s inside Sir John’s makeup kit?

Sirjohn Interior2 (1)

Did you swoon over Beyoncé’s Coachella makeup and immediately begin to track down all the eye glitter in a 50-mile radius? Or maybe Joan Smalls’s Cleopatra-inspired look at the Met Gala inspired you to take your liner to the next level.

The man behind those stunning looks—and countless others that have lit up your Instagram feed—is none other than one of the world’s most sought-after makeup artists, Sir John. As anyone who’s seen him on American Beauty Star knows, he’s as thoughtful as he is talented. Case in point: He was kind enough to give us a peek inside his makeup kit…and into his beauty philosophy, too. Thank you, Sir—the pleasure is truly ours.

Sirjohn Q&a

Sirjohn Polaroid 2

Still life photographs by Amelia Howden. Sir John image: Instagram/@sirjohnofficial.

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  1. Chanoa Tarle

    This feature’s presentation is like none other. What a great use of texture and imagery to create something that really stands on its own. Kudos and I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Alison

    Would be good if you itemised the items and he or someone could say why they use these and what’s good. Great site. Good luck for the future of it x

    • Rose Inc.

      Thanks, Alison—that’s a good suggestion. We’ll take it to heart and see what we can do! —Team Rose Inc.

  3. faye

    More detailed products as with their name and number next to them and more photography for the posts would do great benefit. Everything looks gorgeus about this site, really excited for what it will bring,

    • Rose Inc.

      Thanks, Faye! Great suggestions. We will take your feedback to heart! —Team Rose Inc.

  4. Mollie

    I wish we could see what’s really in his kit aside from sponsored L’Oreal content :/. It’s also very hard to tell what these are – a list and a way to see larger images would be much easier to read and very helpful.

    • Rose Inc.

      Hey Mollie! Thanks for the feedback. We’ll take this into our next brainstorming meeting—it really does help us to hear what you want more of (and less of!). Sir John is a L’Oréal ambassador, and we’ve seen his kit… he uses lots of L’Oreal on his clients, and he used a few additional things on Rosie. All shall be revealed soon! Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment. We read every one! —Team Rose Inc.

  5. isabella

    I really loved this loreal paris chocolat lipstick. Actually, It is good to have an idea of ​​which product is best, because in my country it is not very easy to find these brands, if you find one, it is very expensive. But I see there are many good products with affordable prices. I liked the way you put the Sir John interview, it’s like a letter to all of us.

  6. Taneisha

    Hi guys! I also had a bit of a hard time looking through the products, the slide show is a good idea but I like to see the items a bit bigger. I’m not a fan of a huge picture of the product (a la buzzfeed or whowhatwear) but maybe a pinterest style size and layout of the pictures? three or four across and the description underneath. Love reading through everything and looking forward to more posts like these 🙂

    • Rose Inc.

      Hi Taneisha, and thanks for your feedback. We’ll share it with our graphic designer and see what we can do to make things a little easier for you to see. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts—we truly appreciate it! —Team Rose Inc.

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