Summer nights look like…

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  1. Miriam

    U are so gorgeous Rosie ! I love this look on u !! Can u try and do classic smoky eye with very nude lip ?

    • Rose Inc.

      Great idea! We’ll discuss during our next team meeting. —Annie, editorial director.

  2. Sam UK

    Hi Rosie
    I absolutely love this look. The eye is beautiful.
    Can you do a tutorial on a “mum look” like a typical day in the life of a mum but needing a quick look to get out of the house. I have a 3yo and some days I need a little inspiration. Thanks Sam. Xo

  3. Ali

    Love this look! Completely wearable too. Love the bathroom series Rosie <3

    • Isabella

      I Just loved this Gold on her eyes! Rosie looks amazing! I Just have to tried to do.

    • Rose Inc.

      If you share it on social, tag us @roseinc. We’d love to see! —Team Rose Inc.

  4. Kitty from kittynobeauty

    Firstly a soft smoky eyes and then is how to choose different lip colours for various occasions please 💓💓💓
    Thanks !

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