Isabeli Fontana’s secrets for good skin and a great life

Unless you’ve been living with a blindfold over your eyes for the past two decades, you know Isabeli Fontana’s face. The Brazilian supermodel has appeared on countless runways, from Victoria’s Secret to Valentino to Versace (and that’s just the Vs of the alphabet). In between shoots, the jet-setting mother of two is a yoga devotée, crediting her practice with making her more balanced and at peace. Here, she opens up for Rose Inc. about her skin-care routine, stress-reduction techniques—and the goals she’s setting for the future.

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Rose Inc.: You’ve said that you were a tomboy growing up. Is that still the case?

Isabeli Fontana: I’m totally a tomboy. I’m a kid! I was never a girly girl and my mom was always trying to make me a girl. “When you sit down, close your legs,” she’d say. I would always feel the pressure of being a girl and I didn’t like it.

RI: There’s a lot of yoga on your Instagram. What does it mean to you?

IF: Yoga calms me, let’s put it that way. Before, I felt like I had everything a person wants to have. I have a family I love, I work in fashion, I have a very good career, and I bought everything I wanted. But I wasn’t happy. Something was missing. And then I found spirituality, I found yoga, I found a way of breathing. It started to transform my life. When you’re more conscious about your body, you’re more conscious about your feelings. Yoga makes you very present. My practice is helping me to be a better person.

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RI: Do you have advice for somebody who’s looking to find that missing piece?

IF: Yoga is a really good place to start because you learn how to breathe correctly. I also recommend the Alexander Technique, which teaches you how to be inside your body every moment. It’s really important to know yourself more. When you know yourself more, there’s less risk in life. You’re more centered.

RI: That attitude comes across in your Instagram.  

IF: Thank you. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing with Instagram. I don’t know if I’m showing enough or not enough. In general, I try to be conscious and careful about sending out the right message. For me, I try to be happy and silly—and of course, I live in the fashion business, which is fun. I try not to take things too seriously.

RI: That probably explains why you’re happy. Do you have any personal beauty icons?  

IF: Oh yeah. Stephanie Seymour. She’s one of the best supermodels out there. I really admire her body because she’s not too skinny—her body’s beautiful and full of strength. She’s powerful and sensual at the same time.

"When you know yourself more, there's less risk in life."

RI: You’ve been working as a model for a long time. What is some of the best beauty advice you’ve picked up in your career?

IF: I always say the real beauty comes from the inside out. I think it’s much more beautiful when everything is just natural and done with care for yourself and your feelings. That’s what inspires others.  

RI: Which products do you swear by for your skin?

IF: I love coconut oils and essential oils for my skin and body. There’s always a sunscreen because I want to protect my skin; I use iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30. I like to spray Therapia by Aroma rose water because sometimes I have breakouts and the rose water is really good for that. I like Derm Institute Anti-Blemish Rescue for breakouts. I love, love, love the Foreo UFO. It’s like a little machine that does a quick mask. I just wash my face, put that mask on it, and then I wake up with amazing skin. It’s unbelievable.

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RI: What about makeup?  

IF: I love Laura Mercier concealer for the around the eyes, dark circles, and spots. It looks very natural, like you’re not wearing makeup. I also like Bioeffect EGF Serum, especially on the plane. Then I like to have a brown pencil around my eyes. And I recently discovered a new Korean brand, VDL—they have this Creamy Stick Jelly. It just gives a little color in your cheeks, so you look healthy. For lips, I like Aquaphor.

RI: When do you feel the most confident and powerful?  

IF: Well, makeup helps me feel beautiful, but powerful? After a nice class of yoga, for sure.

RI: Lastly, what do you think your mission is? What are your goals for the future?

IF: I think it has to do with inspiring others and trying to help to create a better world for all of us. I’m studying to be a health coach so I can really educate people how to be healthy and more conscious.

Isabeli Fontana photographed by Ford in Los Angeles.

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  1. Douglas

    I loved this interview. I want Isabeli to write a book

  2. Isabella

    I am from Brazil! So I love her! She is so gorgeous!

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